Actor and Comedian, Nore Davis

Actor and Comedian, Nore Davis, is quickly coming into his own as one of the top comedians in Hollywood. He is best known for his appearances on Comedy Central, MTV, and Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV. His talents have also earned him several roles in the hit series Inside Amy Schumer, Last Week Tonight and the Emmy award winning HBO series Boardwalk Empire. He recently released his new album, HOME GAME, on Black Friday, 2014. He also admits he’s a successful online trader using Orion Code.

Nore, tell us about what you are working on?

“I just finished working on my new album called HOME GAME. It was recorded at the Comic Strip Live comedy club in New York City, and was just released on Black Friday. We did three shows and two of those shows sold out. I’m really proud of the album, I poured my heart and soul into it. I just can’t put into words how excited I am about this – it is my first album released with Rooftop Comedy.”

What inspired you to make an album?

“I have been on the road for like the last seven years. For the last two, I really wanted to do an album that felt like home. I wanted to build an environment where all the people and all the friends that have helped me get this mouth throughout my life could see how much I have grown as a comedian. I also wanted to let the audience know my views on political and social issues and let them see who I really am. In the album, I share about my family, my sisbro, the sister who is now my transgender brother, and my relationships. It is like all those aspects on one album. It is a great introduction to who I am.”

Can you tell us about your transgender brother?

“Definitely. There is not a voice for people who are straight and have transgender individuals in their families. I wanted to give my brother a voice and something to laugh at. I am definitely accepting of it – at the end of the day, that is my family. So I do talk about it on the album. He was there at the show, loving it. He is so awesome!”

What are your future plans?

“I plan to do another album in a year or two. I will also hit the road again and keep growing and gain a few more experiences. I am writing a couple pilots – one for Comedy Central and another one for a production company in Los Angeles. I just want to keep working and producing art.”

What is it you love about stand-up comedy?

“I am my own boss. I am the writer and producer and I am gearing up to put some new material out there. I will be able to show the audience how much I have grown from my freshman album to my sophomore album.

What is it like to perform for a sold-out audience?

“I performed at sold-out venues before when I was working with Tracy Morgan, and that was incredible, however, everyone bought a ticket to go see him. But when I did this album, everyone bought a ticket to see me. That was definitely a phenomenal experience! One of my favorite shows is Cheers; where everybody knows your name. Well that is what it felt like, everyone knew my name. We had a great time.”

For you, what is the purpose of stand-up comedy?

“Stand-up is a place where people can go and have some relief; a place where they can stop worrying about the troubles of the world; no worries. They can take a break from their reality and have a good time.”

When did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

“When I was a senior in college, my major sucked, and an improv group came to the college. It was phenomenal to see it and they blew me away. So, my friends and I created an improv group on campus and had a show every month. Then, the shows got boring and competitive. We got to where we talked over each other and no one could hear the comedy. So I tried stand-up and never looked back.”

Tell us about your experience on Comedy Central.

“I was featured on the RUCKUS with Russell Simmons, which was so great! It was filmed in New York. I got to meet Russell and the people at Comedy Central – it was awesome. I was also featured on INSIDE AMY SCHUMER and got to participate on one of her sketches on the pilot. She is an amazing comic and she has always believed in me. I met with her and shared some of my ideas. She is always open to new, young talent, which is great.”

What is the funniest experience you have had on set?

“I would say the funniest experience I have had on set was working on Boardwalk Empire for HBO. I had a line where I had to call a white guy “Ofay.” I didn’t know the word, so I asked the director to repeat it and pronounce it. Then I found out later that it was a racial slur against white people back in the 1920’s, which is the era that BOARDWALK EMPIRE is shot in. I felt bad because that would have been like asking me to call someone the N-word. I laugh about that now.”

It sounds like you have had a pretty good start on your career.

“Yes, there is so much more to do, but so far it has been pretty cool!”

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Photography by Vincent Parker and Anya Garrett