Emrhys Cooper

The incredibly handsome and charming British actor, Emrhys Cooper, is best known for his role in writer Catherine Johnson and director Phyllida Lloyd’s MAMMA MIA!; writers Michael Dorazio, Myriah Gould and director Bobby Bosko Grubic’s THE PARTING SHOT; and the cult favorite, writer/director William Clift’s I WANT TO GET MARRIED. He is also a trader in his spare time using Millionaire Blueprint on his PC

He has recently starred in writer John Matton and director Bank Tangjatrong’s drama, TILL WE MEET AGAIN; and writers Jennifer Blanc, Jon Huertas and director Kate Rees Davies sci-fi thriller, ALTERED PERCEPTION.

We read you graduated from Laine Theater Arts College in London at 19.

“Laine Theatre Arts was a fantastic experience; very intense training. It’s basically a little bit like the Fame School—you dance, sing and act all day everyday. It also has some of the best teachers in the industry. I have very fond memories of my time there and I am still in touch with many of the students I trained with. I was very lucky to be awarded a scholarship to train at Laines, I definitely wouldn’t haven been able to go without it.

“Luckily, at Laines they have an agency that help you find work. I was cast in FAME THE MUSICAL before I graduated, which was a little bit of a coincidence, as I watched FAME THE MUSICAL when I was around 10 years old and I told my Mum “That’s what I want to do when I grow up.””

What do you love about Shakespeare?

“I love the history and depth of all the material and writing. I grew up watching my father performing in various productions. I did find it hard to understand as I grew up, but as I got older I really appreciated its greatness. I first performed with the Red Earth Theatre Company in their production of AS YOU LIKE IT.”

What do you love more, stage or film, and why?

“I really can’t choose as each medium gives me a different creative high. I hope to continue to work both.”
We would love to hear about your first feature film experience? What was it like the first time you walked on set?
“I remember my first film experience in a tiny role in the film BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS, in which I played the role of Ambrose. I remember the excitement in my stomach. I was in awe of the sheer production. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Stephen Fry, who I’ve always been a huge fan off.”

Tell us about MAMMA MIA! That must have been a hoot.

“I will always be grateful for that wonderful experience. It was as absolute blast. I was surround by such incredibly talented people, who also happened to be lovely. The atmosphere was always fun on set. It was great getting to see so many A list actors letting there hair down and really enjoying themselves. Spending time in Greece was also a huge bonus.”

You were a soap star as well?

“I wouldn’t call myself a soap star. I worked on the soap opera CORONATION STREET, but only very briefly. I have a huge amount of respect for those actors, as the turn around on each episode is extremely fast.”

It was recently announced that you got a role in the 2016 film TRUST.
“I know it’s a very scary horror film. Some different characters get locked in a house and soon lots of gruesome things start occurring. I love the role I will be playing as he is a real rascal and a complete narcissist. I have many people I can pull from, and I have been known to have my moments. I worked with Kerry Finlayson on another film called BLOOD RUSH, she’s very talented and a good friend, so it will be fun to work with her again.”

Tell us about your short film BALLON.

“It’s a film about a ballerina who develops a cocaine problem. My dance agency Bloc sent me over the audition but I couldn’t make the call, so I did a tape audition and sent it in. Luckily it worked and I was cast and the role of Nico. Nico is the principle dancer of the Ball Company who are about to perform Swan Lake. My character is a bit of a flirt and used to getting what he wants. It was great getting to use my ballet training on film. BALLON has an incredibly talented cast of dancer/actors. And I loved every minute of working on it. Look out for the film in 2015. I know from first hand experience of what drug addiction can do to the dance world, so I hope this film can really help educate people to not go down that path.”

You played Steven in ALTERED PERCEPTION. Can you tell us about the film and your on-set experiences?

“ALTERED PERCEPTION is a fun sci-fi thriller about a new drug that has been created to get rid of false perceptions. In the film, I am fed up with my wife’s constant paranoia; I’m at my wits end. We try this drug to save our marriage, but unfortunately the drug’s side effects don’t pan out the way I had hoped.

“Working on the film was a lot of fun. I had a lot of dialogue and intense scenes, but luckily Jade Tailor, who plays my wife is the film was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is such a fantastic actress, so it really helped up my game. The director, Kate Reese Davis, also helped us both pull out a very multilayered complex story. I also loved working with Jon Haurtes and Jennifer Blanc Biehn. I’ve been a big fan of both of them for a very long time.”

Can you tell us about the film TILL WE MEET AGAIN?

“TILL WE MEET AGAIN is an indie drama set between New York and Thailand. The majority of the film takes place in some of the most stunning locations in Thailand. I was there for a month in June 2014. The cast and team were top-notch, and there was a lot of eye candy. The film revolves around backpackers in Thailand. I play David, a personal trainer who has been trying very hard to be something he’s not. Going to Thailand he lets go, and discovers who he is, as well as meeting some tough challenges along the way.”


“KUSHUTHARA is a love story, but not a typical love story. I play Charlie, an American journalist who has been sent to Bhutan on a research trip. He quickly feels like he has been there before. I think this is an extremely special film as it deals with subjects that haven’t been talked about much on film—reincarnation—as well as the under-discovered hidden Kingdom of Bhutan.”

Tell us about your short, THE PARTING SHOT.

“PARTING SHOT is a fun short film about an MI6 spy, who has to stop the world from going into World War 3. It is evidently not the easiest task, but he just about manages to pull it off before he meets a bloody end. I’ve been a huge fan of James Bond, so playing a spy was really fun.

Are you currently performing in any TV series?

“I just guest starred on the U.S. TV series PERSON OF INTEREST. I’ve loved the show since the start, so I was delighted to get offered the role of young John Greer on the show. Greer is played by the very talented British actor John Nolan. It was a little daunting stepping into his shoes—I play Greer at 30, in 1973. Greer believes he is fighting for the right cause, but when he discovers his boss is a double spy, he feels let down and betrayed. This leads him down a bad path as he loses faith in mankind. Working on this role has to be one of my favorites to date. I was extremely relieved when it aired and the fan response to my role was very positive.”

Are you also a musician? We found a credit that said you did the soundtrack for FROM HERE ON OUT?

“Yes, I trained in musical theatre, and the first 5 years of my career was spent performing in musicals. I love recording music and writing songs. So when I was asked by the producers of FROM HERE ON OUT to record the theme song, I jumped at the chance.”

You have produced several films, can you tell us about them? Do you enjoy producing?

“I really enjoy making something come to life. I love putting talented people together and seeing the collaboration pay off. It’s a lot of hard work, and you have to have a lot of patience, as things sometimes take a lot longer than you would like. But, if I believe in the project I will do whatever I can to get it off the ground.”

For more information about Emrhys Cooper, go to  www.emrhyscooper.co.uk.