Types Of Customer

Types Of Customer

There are various types of customer.  It is important to know them since you must alter your marketing technique based on the type.  Let us go into details on the customer types:

Potential customer:

A potential customer is the one who is not yet your confirmed customer.  It is the way you treat him makes him get converted from potential customer to customer.  Potential customers normally take pains to fill in form of contact details over the website or in person.  Approach him and make him feel comfortable by treating him as though he is already a customer.

New customer: He has bought your products for the first time just in the recent past.  New customers normally expect more support from the seller.  Hence spend more time of demo and proper query handling.  Once the best impression is created at this stage, it is easy to increase customer loyalty.  Always stay in touch with him till he starts using your product comfortably.

Impulsive customer:

These customers are quick in making buying decisions.  They are not the types who check everything on internet right from Bitcoin Loophole full review to the latest positive review on newly introduced detergent in the market.  Hence convincing the customer is easy.  Since impulsive customers buy based on trust factor, ensure that you offer genuine products to them.

Discount customer:

A discount customer looks in for offers and discounts.  Normally discount customers are very knowledgeable.  They analyze the market and have all the data for comparison.  Hence much time has to be spent on such customers to explain the value and quality of your product.  They always expect value addition.

Loyal customer: Loyal customers hardly switch over to other products.  Hence they are the most valuable customers.  Ensure to get their feedback every now and then to know what makes him stay loyal.   That will turn out to be the USP of your product.  Never try to remove any product feature which is most liked by loyal customers.  If you concentrate to improve the features liked by loyal customers, you can create more and more loyal customers for your product.

Wanderers:  They just step inside the shop to look around.  They do not like to be get disturbed by salesmen.  Hence allow them to have a look and do not disturb them.  They think, observe and make their buying decision by themselves.  Once they complete the decision-making process they will reach out to you automatically.




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