Understand The Two Trends When Trading The Commodity Market

Understand The Two Trends When Trading The Commodity Market

The two main trends that you should look for in the commodities chart are the uptrend and the downtrend.


Uptrends when the price makes a higher high and a higher low. The trend is established, check the source, when the price makes three highs and three lows. Ahigherprobabilitytrend will be established when the price makes a number of highs and lows.

Thetraderwhenspotsan uptrend should take a long trade in the market. The trader should ride with the trend till they see a signal of a change in trend.


A downtrend is established when price makes a lower high and a lower low. If the price makes three consecutive lower highs and lower lows then it is believed that the trend has been established. The number of lower highs and lower lows, the higher is the confirmation of the downtrend. The downtrend is a signal of a bearish price movement.

The trader should take a short position in such a down trending market. They need to get out of the trade when they spot the price making a reversal in the trend.

Determine what the bias in the market is

The commodity traders use the price charts to identify what the trend in the market is. This is important to see for those who look to take a new position. It is important to understand that commodity trading is not gambling. It is a method of looking for the high probability trades, keeping a strict stop loss in place.

Trend analysis is important because it lets you find out what the market majority is doing at a given time. The trade has to spot what the dominant trend is to be able to trade with the trend of the market. It is just a matter of practice to be able to visualize what the trend of the market is. This will let the traders take a trade with a strong trend and make profitable trades.

Online trading

Commodities trading can is done online. Once you understand how to trade commodities you then need to look for a broker who will let you trade in commodities using their platform. However, it is important that you know the facilities and the services that the brokerage is offering to you. It is important that you select the broker with care. There are a number of online brokers available so do your research well to choose the one who is offering you the best of services and at competitive prices.



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